Scout Parents Guide to Backpacking Gear

Scout Parents Guide to Backpacking Gear

This post iswritten for Scouts and their parents who are new to Troop 100 or new to backpacking. The target audiences is the parent of a young scout who is new to backpacking.

The main point to note about buying equipment for your Scout is to not rush out and buy a lot of the wrong types of equipment. What I place as important goals in this effort is

  1. buying the right equipment, so that the parent doesn’t have to turn around and buy another piece of equipment unnecessarily.  The goal is to buy the right equipment the first time

2. buying light and compact equipment, in order to keep a young scout’s pack weight down, and so the gear fits in a small pack

3. buying only the necessary equipment, and delay buying the extra stuff

Sleeping Bag:

If there is one piece of equipment that a parent should try to get right to first time, that is the scout’s sleeping bag. When your son starts scouting he might be a small guy of 11 years old and may weight less than eighty pounds. It is incredible how these boys grow during the next four of five years.  The right sleeping bag will serve his needs throughout his scouting years and into his adult life.  The alternative is to buy several bags as he grows.  Of course the first method is way cheaper. Read more